Practical Digital Photography

The best practical and structured learning in Kenya

Photomagic School offers professional and practical learning in digital photography for everyone! We are here to teach DSLR photography for hobbyists, enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals through our regular Saturday classes; flexible personalized sessions as well as workshops for corporates, institutions and NGOs.

We have four semesters every year starting in January, April, August and October. The regular course is 13 weeks, with a session every Saturday and the fee is ksh 50,000 per student. Download the prospectus below for details on course outline, approach, payments and all other information.


Our flagship programme is the regular 10-week course that happens either on Thursday or on Saturday. Below is the course outline

WeekTopics Covered
1Introduction, Camera Parts, Photography Terminology
2The Exposure Triangle part I (Theory + practical)
3The Exposure Triangle part II (Theory + practical)
4Beyond Your Camera (Accessories)
5Focus, Composition and Rule of Thirds
Full Day class trip (Saturday or Sunday)
6On your Computer (Workflow, Archiving, Back-up)
7Photoshop /Post Production Part I
8Photoshop /Post Production Part II
10Open Forum (3 photographer panelist)
11Portfolio Review
Exhibition + Graduation on a Saturday afternoon.

Students so far

Learning hours

Intakes per year


We have 4 main programmes that you can enrol for:


Saturday morning classes take place every Saturday from 9-12noon. This is the main course that takes 13 weeks to complete.


If you feel you need a flexible schedule and special personalized classes, then you may need to make a special arrangement. You can have 8, 10 or 12 modules based on your requirements.


Photomagic School regularly organizes short courses for professionals in various organizations especially NGOs and communication specialists in the corporate world.


Every quarter we hold trainings for specific areas of speciality. Some are partnerships with other bodies while others are open to any interested person.


With over 130 students since 2013 when we opened our doors,
we can only but celebrate the impact of Photomagic’s practical learning.
Below are some of them.. 

I enjoyed my classes at Photomagic. They were interactive and especially insightful. As a result of the training, I am able to tell World Concern’s story of transformation better.By extension I also feel equipped to advice on more effective photography.

Edwin Kuria
Communication Liason Officer

Learning photography at Photomagic School is purely hands on fun, easy, and there’s always a challenge to beat. I would look forward to every lesson!

Eric Elisha Kiambati

I was lucky enough to be sponsored to learn photography last year in October. My main highlight was the realization that there’s more than the technicality of cameras; there’s people skills, marketing and relationships. Looking back, the experience was worth it for my current niche in wedding photography. I found the quality of teaching to be exceptional. I would recommend any aspiring photographer to enroll to the school,

Stella Nyawira

Photomagic School is a hands on photography school that equips the student with practical field skills on all aspects of digital photography. I also got a chance to network with other seasoned photographers who are now my mentors.

Erick Ndung’u
Content Manager


We are serious about having fun while learning–we encourage positive peer pressure. Do not walk alone, join others who have fire in their bones to learn photography!

We go out-at night, during the day, on weekends. We play with water, we chase sunsets, lose sleep waiting for sunrise, carry gear to forests and climb to rooftops. We mean business.
We mean business because we interact a lot with experienced pro photographers. We connect students to have a chance to shoot alongside their mentors. We also review students’ portfolios regularly to ensure there is excellent progress. If you want to make money through photography, we can show you how.